The literal translation of 'to head high' in Dutch is 'to reach the head'. In order to perform any sport well at any level, it is vital to not only master the right technique and strength (the physical aspect), but also to be in the right frame of mind (the psychological component). At Head High you will train this mental aspect; using your head to get the best out of yourself!

At Head High a wide variety of training and support structures can be offered, which will be individualised to your needs. Examples of training objectives are:
* to regulate anxiety, arousal or stress * develop coping strategies * psychological skills training e.g. imagery, thought-behaviour or concentration * confidence building * assistance with recovery from injury * career transition.


First, contact Head High.

In an initial consultation we will have the opportunity to get to know each other, expand on your goals and aspirations and schedule an in-depth intake if required. Together, we will build an individualized mental skills profile, discuss this and set a goal for the consultancy traject.

Once the mental skills training has started, Head High will guide you in achieving these personal goals. Your trajectory will be evaluated at the end.


Sport psychology addresses the interactions between psychology and sport performance. At Head High we use this technique to optimise the connection between physical and psychological functioning. This includes training the psychological aspects of optimal athletic performance, as well as the psychological care and well-being of athletes, coaches and sport organizations.

Mental skills training (also referred to as performance enhancement training or psychological skills training) is the systematic training of mental performance techniques with the purpose of enhancing sport performance. The goal is to help athletes improve their performance.

Mental Performance Consultants (MPC) are professionals trained in sport and exercise but are not licensed psychologists or counselors. They are also known as sport and exercise psychology consultants or mental coaches. MPCs provide individual or group consultations geared towards performance–related issues.
(source: Association for Applied Sport Psychology)



Head High works with athletes, regardless of age, level or skill. Services are for all athletes who are looking to enhance performance. Mental skills training is also applied in other areas of performance, such as musicians.

Besides athletes, consultation is offered to teams, coaches, referees and other ones involved in sports, such as parents.


How long?

Every mental consultancy trajectory is unique. Most athletes choose to do a trajectory of about 8 to 12 consults, spread over 5 months. Normally a consult is set every two weeks. However, it could be that you need more time to practice your skills, you want to implement some skills in a race season or you are away for (inter)national training camps. Your schedule can be customized to suit your needs.