About Hillie


Hillie founded Head High in 2018. Her personal values are personal involvement, attentiveness, responsibility and integrity. These core beliefs are the foundations of her work as a consultant. Hillie takes pride in being the facilitator during the process of psychological growth of the athlete. Where the success of the training programme relies on the athlete's willingness to grow, the impact of mental performance consultancy is not restricted to the athletes’ sports life but can be implemented in many every day life situations.


Academical setting

2017 – present

Postgraduate Applied Sport Psychologist, VU University, Amsterdam, NL

2008 – 2011     

Master’s Degree in Human Movement Sciences (MSc), VU University, Amsterdam, NL. Track: Sport Psychology

2003 – 2007     

Fontys Sporthogeschool, Tilburg, NL. Specialization Teacher Physical Education


Sports setting

As a young kid, I grew up in a track and field area. At the age of twelve I joined a korfball club (a very Dutch sport, resembling basketball). I used to do both sports at a recreational level and they formed the basis of a life long enjoyment in sports.

When I started studying, I joined the students rowing club. My weight and small posture didn't make me a strong rower. However, after a year of rowing practice, I used that to my advantage and started coxing. I ended up as the cox of the freshmans lightweight crew, participating in the Dutch national competition. At that time my crew trained seven times a week. Best freshmans lightweight 2006 and a bronze reward for my freshmans lightweight 2007 are achievements to be proud of. When I moved to Amsterdam I quit coxing and started coaching rowing crews (2009-2011).

Now, I've been practicing triathlon for a while. I enjoy this sport so much because there are actually three sports (swimming, cycling and running) to do and I just love to do different activities. In triathlon, many athletes keep pushing their own boundaries. Since I started, I completed the Rotterdam marathon twice (2014, 2016) and I managed to finish the Challenge Reykjavik triathlon in extreme weather conditions (half distance, 2016). Who knows what challenges I will take on next…

Apart from triathlon my other favourite activity is downhill skiing. Being born in a very flat country, the Netherlands, I skied slopes in Austria, France and Italy. In 2019 I moved to Milton (Ontario) and I can't wait to try the Canadian slopes, hopefully in B.C.



Hillie teaching PE for a decade

Hillie teaching PE for a decade

Hillie in action (triathlon Binnenmaas, 2017)

Hillie in action (triathlon Binnenmaas, 2017)